Full Presence Mindfulness

Experience is More Than We Think


Full Presence Mindfulness (FPM) offers a unified vision of who we are and how we can bring about meaningful change. This unique way of practicing mindfulness starts with grounding in the breath and the senses, but doesn’t stop there. It also asks us to look at the roots of our mental patterns and the world that we think we know. It opens every dimension of the field of experience: our sensations, emotions and thoughts . . . our stories . . . our values and intentions . . . and the systems that shape society. When we let go of the rigid view that puts “self” at the center of experience, we awaken into a world that is rich and alive. Freed from preconceived limitations, we know how to act on our highest values and how to respond to the unfolding future. 

September 28 – October 3, 2021
Cost: $750 – $1,500 sliding scale; contact us if additional financial assistance is needed.

Full Presence Mindfulness
5-day Retreat with Jack Petranker

At Ratna Ling Retreat Center among the beautiful Northern California redwoods

The mindfulness movement has popularized a healthier way of relating to thoughts and emotions. Full Presence Mindfulness builds on this movement, drawing on the teachings of Tibetan Lama Tarthang Tulku, as presented in his Time, Space, Knowledge Vision. FPM is designed to open every dimension of our experience —sensations, emotions, thoughts, and how we connect with others. It offers a new way to see the world and our place in it.

Except for evening sessions, the retreat program will be held in silence. We start with breathing and sensory exercises for grounding, then go on to look at how we shape our world through the stories we tell and live. As we learn to recognize the patterns that hold us back, we find new resources for acting on our highest values and promoting real and lasting change.

Founded by Jack Petranker and rooted in the Time, Space, Knowledge Vision of Tarthang Tulku, Full Presence Mindfulness is a distinct contemplative modality that is offered exclusively by the Center for Creative Inquiry (Berkeley, California) and its affiliates. For current program listings, please visit https://creativeinquiry.org.  

Adventures in Knowledge, PArt II

Exploring the Time Space Knowledge Vision
Taught by Jack Petranker
Saturdays, August 28 - October 9, 2021
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM Pacific Time, Online via Zoom

This second six-week course is based on Chapters 13 to 17 of Tarthang Tulku’s Love of Knowledge. The readings will help us see how our mistaken ways of knowing have trapped us in unhealthy patterns and unsatisfying experiences. Working playfully with exercises drawn from the book, we will explore other ways of knowing, not bound to measured-out time and meaningless space.

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