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Neu Plaue Retreat



AUGUST 24-28, 2019

AUGUST 28-30, 2019

How far the practice of mindfulness can take us depends on the framework within which we practice.

In our usual way of practicing, ‘someone’ is mindful of ‘something’. But that is a limiting view. In Full Presence Mindfulness, we challenge this subject/object orientation. We explore the possibility that we are not who we think we are. We learn to experience our lives differently.

In this retreat, we will start by connecting deeply with our experience: how we breathe, how we see, how we hear, how we move. We will touch the ground of experience and learn to be fully present. Most sessions and meals will be in silence, except in the evenings.

Touching the ground of experience lets us take the next step—expanding into the whole range of how we live in the world. This includes the way we think, the emotions and concerns that drive us, the stories we tell, the ‘reality’ we inhabit, and the motives and intentions that determine our destiny.

As we explore the fullness of experience, we gain confidence in our own ability to know, to care, and to act. We awaken a deeper understanding and a more joyful and more relaxed way to be.

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Dates for Part 1 are 24-28 August, 2019. Dates for Parts 1 & 2 together are 24-30 August, 2019. You will be contacted for payment after you register.

2019 Full Presence Mindfulness Retreat in California

There is a five-day retreat as part of the FPM program. Participation in the retreat is required for everyone doing teacher training. The retreat is also open to individuals who have at least a year’s experience with TSK, mindfulness, or meditation, with consent of the instructor. To obtain consent of the instructor, please contact us.

Retreat Details

The retreat will be held from June 10-15, 2019 at Roseman Creek Ranch, located in Gualala, California. It’s about a 3-hour drive north of the Bay Area, off a dirt road close to the coast highway (Highway 1).

The Ranch is owned by Katie Pence-Robbins, a friend of the community who has also participated in part of the FPM training. She is also doing all the cooking (vegetarian), including her famous breads. Katie is donating use of the facility; 2/3 of net proceeds will go to support the Odiyan Country Center.

Roseman Creek Ranch is a hand-crafted structure, built with loving care. It is off the grid (meaning that it generates its own power, though there are backup generators if needed). It sleeps 11, and there is quite a bit of room for camping for those who would like to economize or just like being outdoors under the beautiful night sky. Some rooms are private; others are not: register early to get your choice. For campers, there is a really nice outdoor shower. Weather in June should be perfect, though these days we can’t make any guarantees. We will arrange transportation once we know who’s coming.

The retreat starts with dinner on the 10th and ends mid-morning on the 14th. We will follow a retreat structure similar to those of retreats in the past.

1st day, Monday, June 10: Orientation and Introduction: 7:30-9:00 PM

Days 2-5, Tuesday-Friday, June 11-14
Optional early morning Kum Nye practice session, led by a retreatant
Morning session: 3 hours, with a half hour break
Afternoon session: 2 hours, with a short break
Evening session: 1 ½ hours.

Day 6, Saturday, June 15
Closing session after breakfast

Retreatants will take turns helping with kitchen cleanup and possibly food preparation.

Most sessions, except in the evenings, will be silent; meals are silent except the last day. Since this retreat is part of the teacher training, participants will be invited to lead or co-lead some sessions, and there will be opportunities for feedback.

Costs: $675; $375 for camping. Discounts are available for those with limited financial resources; please inquire.


Registration Form

Please use the form below to register for the retreat and pay with credit card or PayPal. If you prefer to pay by check, please email the information requested in the form directly to morgan@fullpresence.org and mail the check to Center for Creative Inquiry, 2018 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA 94704. Please note that your space is not reserved until payment is received.

Payment in full is preferred. If this presents a hardship, please select the installment plan option to pay in three installments. The first installment is due to reserve your space.