Group Dynamics and Systems Transformation: Exploring the Hidden Curriculum

Presented by Adam Rumack and Miriam Jones

Saturday, March 21 10am – 3pm
*Participants of Restoring Balance will stay for an additional hour to explore the integration of Full Presence Mindfulness and this workshop.

Life has a hidden curriculum. Sometimes the lessons in this curriculum come crashing through the pages of what we thought we were here to learn, and sometimes, when looking, listening, feeling, and sensing with heightened awareness, we can perceive the hidden curriculum without such great catastrophe to our agenda.

Anytime a group comes together, whether to work toward a mission, as in organizations, or to explore together, as in a course of learning, or to practice together, as in a meditation community, there is an opportunity to heighten our perception to the level of this hidden curriculum. With this heightened perception you may discover lessons on emergence and collapse, power and disempowerment, leadership and follow-ship, tolerance and intolerance, inclusion and exclusion, agency and communion, adaptability and failure, the sacred and the profane, binaries and paradox, and the fluidity all of these apparent binaries conceal.

In this day-long workshop, we will offer some practice and theory to help illuminate the hidden structures of learning and group dynamics that will follow in the Mangalam course or in the course of your work and lives.

About We are Open Circle

“We are Open Circle creates transformative organizations, communities, and leadership.  We use cutting edge developmental tools to help grow the adaptive capacities of leaders, to help create more ethically aligned organizations, and to build bridges across divides of conflict and tension in communities.

Adam is an educator, facilitator and organizational consultant with a background in executive leadership. He is passionate about creating communities and organizations of care and compassion.He has worked widely in  California State prisons, and trained group facilitators; helped developed an on-boarding and wellness programs. Miriam is known as a thought leader in the area of transformational education, cultural change, and leadership. After developing a dual interest in business and education.

Miriam began designing and delivering leadership programs and change efforts for organizations across the globe. Miriam is an experienced entrepreneur who has founded and led several organizations, from not-for-profits to corporations to co-operatives.

Samuel González

Samuel González has spent their life finding ways to reconcile the intersecting identities that reside within. Bringing art, coaching, creative strategies, healing practices, and digital wizardry to Sweet Livity’s work, Samuel is helping transform how people do business. Because of Samuel’s intersectional nature, they have been able to create transformational spaces in many areas, including higher education, the nonprofit sector, corporate environments, etc. Decades of experience inform the work along with passion and empathy.

Samuel majored in the Performing Arts at Vanguard University. Samuel still pursues artistic adventures, fusing that creativity into working with people through personal coaching as well as with people as they work within organizations. Organizational development, strategic planning, training (train the trainer), and facilitation are areas of expertise for Samuel.

Sound healing, dream work, and ancestral healing/connections are some of the healing modalities in Samuel’s tool kit. They are also a certified compassion fatigue specialist, bringing a trauma informed approach to their work with individuals and groups. Because of their background in art (music, writing, photography, painting), Samuel also uses the creation of art as a form of healing.